Dialysis Companion

Oak Grove teamed with ModoLabs to develop Dialysis Companion, a prototype mobile application that allows patients to make the best decisions about dialysis treatment based on factors such as quality measures, location, transportation options, and user-generated ratings. We developed this application in response to the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge: "Consumer Apps to Visualize Health Care Quality Measures." The aim of this competition was to develop a visually interesting and useful prototype app that pulled from at least one Medicare dataset.



We had approximately 20 days to develop a relevant, useful, and working mobile application based on a Medicare dataset.


We performed an abbreviated requirements gathering analysis that resulted in a tailored feature set and use cases for the application.  Features and use cases for the application include: 

  • Identification of all dialysis facilities within a certain distance from patient homes.
  • Comparison of publicly available key quality measures for each facility.
  • Filtering of facilities displayed based on services offered (e.g. in-center peritoneal dialysis, in-center hemodialysis).
  • Rating of dialysis facilities in categories such as chair comfort, televisions, cleanliness, and staff helpfulness.
  • Storage of information in a treatment log about patient experiences in the dialysis center. 

 (Note: Dialysis Companion works best on an iPhone or iPodTouch.)