Oak Grove Technologies Training Support: Battlefield Interrogation Techniques

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

Did you know that Oak Grove Technologies offers various military, federal and local law enforcement training both at our facilities or on-site per your request?


This week we are highlighting one of the newest courses offered: Battlefield Interrogation Techniques / Tactical Questioning (BIT/TQ).


Our Advanced Battlefield Interrogation Techniques / Tactical Questioning focuses on the following skillset:

  • Purpose
  • Objectives
  • Preparation for Successful TQ
  • Strategies and Techniques
  • Team Considerations
  • Documenting the TQ
  • Lessons Learned
  • Practical Exercises (Role Play)


Programs of Instruction (POI) for typical courses last approximately 3 days, however, the curriculum can be tailored to meet your training objectives. All Oak Grove Technologies instructors have OCONUS experience. For additional information in this course please contact David Shellenberger at David.Shellenberger@oakgrovetech.com


The Oak Grove Technologies Tactical & Cultural Training Center

  • 280+acre facility located in Hoffman, North Carolina
  • Veteran military personnel oversee day-to-day facility and training operations
  • Includes:    -
  •    Multi-story shoot house and combative gym
  •    40’ Multi-purpose rappelling/climbing tower  
  •    100m and 50m small arm ranges   
  •    Classroom and VIP briefing room   
  •    Division Planning Cell, including Lodging and Life Support   
  •    Four villages   
  •    Certified Heavy helicopter landing zone   
  •    Explosive breaching bay
  •    Lodging and bunk house (including shower and dining facilities) 

About Oak Grove

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Oak Grove mentors owners of veteran small businesses and sponsors special events that honor and aid our veteran community. Additionally, over 75% of our employees have served in the military. Our Service Continues...