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Monday, July 20th, 2015

Law Enforcement
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Oak Grove received high praise from the North Carolina Highway Patrol Rapid Response Team (RRT) after recent training session at the Oak Grove Training Center.

Master Trooper and Defensive Tactics/Firearms Instructor, D.C. Pate, shared the following feedback he received from his team as well as his personal perspective. The overall consensus?

The training was outstanding.  The facilities are outstanding.  That is by far the most complex shoot house that I have ever seen. The variety of rooms, size of the hallways, along with stairways and upstairs really added to the training.

We really liked the way you incorporated what we have determined to be our "style" into the training and helped us work on it and get better at it. We have trained with Raleigh PD, Wake SO, High Point PD, Fort Bragg SRT, and some others, and have taken what we liked and thought worked well for us. The techniques that we have, we feel like we can defend pretty well as to why we use them. Now that we know what it should look like, we just need to get there.

We felt that the instruction was very professional and thought provoking.  I like to know why we do something a certain way, and with the attention being given now to techniques and tactics in the media and the courts, it has become even more important.

We would certainly like to continue to train with you guys. I have told our command staff and they are aware that to receive the best training, we will have to start utilizing some type of training budget. I will do my best to get us lined up to do some more training with Oak Grove.

Good, hard, realistic training.  I enjoyed it. Thanks again for the excellent training.

D.C. Pate
Master Trooper
Defensive Tactics/Firearms Instructor
North Carolina State Highway Patrol

Feedback like this motivates us to continue upping the ante for each team we train. Our instructors are passionate about what they do and create an unparalleled experience for each customer.

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