Family Fun At The Raeford Rodeo

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

Language, Regional Expertise and Culture
Several employees enjoyed rodeo, food, vendors and of course, good ol’ fashioned fun at the 3rd Annual Raeford Rodeo presented by Mountain Mule Packers and our good friend, Mike Toberer.

Paraclete skydiving team enter the arena at the opening ceremony.

Friday night at the Mountain Mule Packer Ranch in Raeford, NC began with Paraclete Parachute Team jumping in as the color guard of a local high school presented the American flag during the singing of the National Anthem.  This was followed by events including, roping, team roping, barrel racing and bull riding, just to name a few.  

Junior and Senior high school students made up the 100 participants from the North Carolina High School Rodeo Association.  The skill levels demonstrated by the kids were very impressive and displayed world class efforts. 

From left, Chuck Anderson, Gary Rutherford and Rusty Nance represent Oak Grove at the rodeo.

Of course, rodeos run certain risks. An incident occurred when a junior bull rider was thrown from his bull and the horn connected directly under his chin, knocking him out.  Rodeo support crew immediately diverted the   bull while paramedics rushed to the rider.  They worked over him approximately 5 minutes until he regained consciousness and walked out of the arena on his own to the cheers of the crowd.  He was immediately taken to the standby ambulance to be evaluated for injuries and a possible concussion.  The team handled it very well and the event continued on. 

The evening ended with a raffle which, unfortunately, none of the Oak Grove employees won! However, Oak Grove was proud to co-sponsor the rodeo and everyone had an excellent time.  Mike Toberer, owner of the Mountain Mule Packers, did an excellent job of organizing and running the event.

Oak Grove Technologies partners with Mountain Mule Packers to teach animal handling courses and help students develop the skills necessary to successfully select and maintain an animal in theater. Courses range in complexity from basic horsemanship and animal packing to applied team building integrating the animals. Our relationship with the Mountain Mule Packers is very important to us and we had a great time being involved in this year’s rodeo!